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Linear tape open (LTO) is a magnetic tape technology based on linear recording on ½ inch wide tapes. Improvements in the fields of server technology, data compression, track layout and error correction code have created greater storage capacity, higher performance and better reliability. With a current compressed capacity of up to 30 TB (LTO-8), these cartridges are the first choice for data backup, restoration and archiving applications.

The Library Pack is a form of plastic packaging that provides protection against impacts, dust and moisture during transportation and handling. It has many benefits: it makes handling easy for use in automated systems, the transparent Library Pack allows the barcode label to be easily identified, and it prevents packaging waste. A Library Pack holds and protects 20 LTO tapes.


  • LTO Ultrium Tape 8 . 12 TB / 30 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 7 M . 9 TB / 22,5 TB*
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 7 . 6 TB / 15 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 6 . Barrium Ferrite Tape . 2,5 / 6,25 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 6 . Metal Particle Tape . 2,5 / 6,25 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 5 . 1,5 / 3,0 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 4 . 800 GB / 1,6 TB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 3 . 400 / 800 GB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 2 . 200 / 400 GB
  • LTO Ultrium Tape 1 . 100 / 200 GB

*The LTO-8 drive is able to initialize new LTO-7 media to an increased cartridge capacity of 9 TB native and 22,5 TB compressed instead of 6 TB and 15 TB in a LTO-7 drive. This cartridge is called LTO-7 type M media.
For the first time since the LTO format was introduced the LTO-8 specification is only backwards compatible with the former generation LTO-7. The new LTO-8 drives cannot read (and write) LTO-6 BaFe and LTO-6 MP media.

Instead of the usual metal particles, the use of magnetic barium-ferrite-particles (BaFe) increased archival life and performance through their chemical stability. From LTO-7 onwards all cartridges are produced with BaFe-particles.

LTO-compatibility overview chart

Which tape in which drive?

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  • Laser Etching
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